I adopted one-year-old Trixie in August from a rescue in Philadelphia. Her foster family noted her to be sweet, friendly with people of all ages and not aggressive toward other dogs.

We brought her home and noticed she was so sweet but also anxious (especially around men ), reactive to many sounds, and jumping up on people. Not knowing what Trixie had been through, I wanted to make sure we found a trainer who would use positive reinforcement to help us build her confidence and learn manners. Well, we hit the jackpot with Audrey.

We are both learning so much- how to master basic cues, creating better greeting behaviors, loose leash walking, and how to strengthen our bond through voice, gestures, body language, high-value treats, and more. Trixie adores Audrey! Audrey is flexible and sends great email follow-ups to support her training visits. We highly recommend.

—Joanne G.