Audrey is AWESOME! She is patient and attentive. I found her on Google and really lucked out!  My now 11mo. Old Rhodesian Ridgeback was coming off a little over a month of crate rest and had become pretty unruly. She’s a drama queen to start off with, and Audrey caught on to that right away.

She never got frustrated with my pup. Instead she went with the flow and in doing so, taught me how to do the same. She never saw anything “bad” in my anxious pup which put me more at ease with our situation and showed we can work our way out of it.

In short, she translates so the dog understands what is expected, giving the owner positive tools to create the dog YOU want. In the end, it’s on the owner. Audrey makes you see it’s possible.

My pup and I both love her! She’s worth much more than her fee!

—Maureen B.