When my husband and I first brought home our 8 week old, golden retriever puppy, we were excited and enthusiastic pet parents. However, it didn’t take long before we realized that having a puppy required a lot of time and patience on our end. Being new pet owners, we had many questions and had no idea how to even begin teaching our puppy basic commands. After some thought and research, we decided to look into formal training for our puppy. Nittany was only three months old when we began taking her to basic puppy training classes with Audrey. Audrey was very attentive to our needs as pet parents and answered all of our questions before she even began working with Nittany. She really took the time to get to know us and understand our needs and goals for Nittany. Audrey was very straight forward and honest with any questions that we had about our puppy’s behaviors and routines.

She offered us many techniques and tips to assist with housebreaking, curbing unwanted behaviors and helping Nittany learn and adjust to her new environment. It became clear to us that Audrey has a true passion for working with and training animals. She is very knowledgable and was always readily accessible to us. It didn’t take long for Nittany and Audrey to bond. Our puppy who we could not get to sit still for more than a few seconds, was listening and learning commands through Audrey’s patient instruction. Nittany learned and mastered many basic commands in her puppy training class, such as sit, stay, leave it, touch, focus and drop it. It became clear to us as the classes went on, that we were truly lucky to have someone like Audrey help us in raising our puppy into a well mannered, and obedient dog. Nittany, is now two years old, and we use the commands and techniques that Audrey had taught her and us everyday.

We know how lucky we were as pet parents to have had the chance to work with Audrey, and we know how great of an experience Nittany had. Through Audrey’s instruction, Nittany was able to go from a very high energy puppy to a happy and well behaved dog. Everyday that Nittany’s tail wags, we are thankful for the time that Audrey spent with her and with us to help make our experience as pet parents the very best it could be, for us and for Nittany

— Jamie and Mark