I am happy to recommend Audrey Arturo’s dog training services to anyone who wants excellent results. We began our training when our dog was only a few months old. She graduated Puppy training and we were so impressed by the results, we asked Audrey to train our dog for the Intermediate level as well.

Audrey’s personality is what attracted us to request her as our trainer from the beginning. She was personable, had high energy, and above all, was patient. Both my husband and I had different training methods of our own which conflicted with what was needed for our dog. Audrey caught those differences and respectfully worked with each of us to correct our mistakes and adapt our methods to better fit the needs of our dog.

Our dog loved Audrey immediately, which is the number one reason we go back. Our dog finds training fun and shows it through her body language. While having fun, our dog learned how to sit, wait, come when called, focus with distractions, go to bed, go into down position, stand, and do our favorite trick: dance! We have bonded with our dog since we adopted her 2 years ago remarkably since working with Audrey and my family cannot thank her enough for that alone.

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Audrey. I feel any dog owner would be remiss not to hire Audrey Arturo’s services.

— Anna & Bobby