On April 1, I adopted an 11 month old DoxiePoo from Alabama named Lexie. I was told she was kept in a bathroom for three months. She seemed very sweet, but had an attitude. She would bark and snap at people. I was not sure of what to do until someone recommended Audrey.  After the first meeting she had Lexie sitting and responding to her cues. Although Lexie was not sure of Audrey, by the fourth week of training, Lexie couldn’t wait for Audrey to get into the house! She was so excited and happy to see her. By the end of the training, I think Lexie would have gone home with Audrey!

Now 8 months later, she is wonderful and very happy.  Audrey’s training was outstanding and today Lexie is accepting and trusting people more and barking less in the car. Lexie has come a long way since April 1 thanks to Audrey’s superb training method and how wonderful she is with the dogs…they love her.

I also learned a lot from Audrey, her training method is superb and deserves more than 5 stars!! Thank you Audrey for helping me learn and making Lexie the happy, wonderful sweetheart she has become.  You are awesome.

—June Adrion