I highly praise the professional and calm demeanor in which Audrey trains both human and canine during her instruction. When Audrey walked into my home, 6 days after I adopted a 9 week old puppy, I was overwhelmed and experiencing puppy adoption remorse.

Lainey was acting more like “Puppy Cujo!” Lainey constantly puppy bit my hands when she was awake, was battling acute medical issues along with overall dehydration. I looked into Lainey’s eyes and she expressed such intelligence, but seemed as lost and confused as I was in this new relationship. I did not want to fail this puppy, rescued from a ditch in Alabama and transported north.

Contacting Audrey was the best decision – Audrey successfully trained Lainey in an exceptional, patient manner using all positive reinforcements. Audrey gently reminded me all that I had forgotten about the stages of puppyhood!

I highly recommend Audrey to any dog lover who wants to lay the foundation for a happy, forever home.

–Ann Rossi